Life is Ascension

The ultimate nature of life is that of process over time guided by a sacred structure, a process that changes through will to ascension and ascends through will to change. Life is more than one factor at a time. You can choose with firm resolve to fight The Evil Power, but if your plan, arms, […]

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Leaving Normal (1992)

If this movie can teach us anything in historiological terms, it’s that the world was more naive in 1992. That’s only 20 years ago, but it seems further away. What it can teach us in spiritual terms, is that all the doom and gloom of the current time cannot kill the spirit that connects with […]

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Villa Amalia (2009)

We sometimes grow up from our fancies. From one view, Villa Amalia suggests a type of modern existence to be one big fancy, the one full of short term thrills put on repeat for a lifetime: fake relationships and meaningless careers that bring the money and the pain but no spiritual gain. From another, it’s […]

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The New World (2005)

Terrence Malick’s take on the legend of Pocahontas is that of the Native American girl (androgynous Q’orianka Kilcher) who stole the heart of British captain John Smith (Collin Farrel), and bridged the divide between English colonialists and her fellow feral Indians in the new unexplored, unmolested world. On one hand, it’s a simple love story, […]

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