IRC channel goes ballistic

natureman: “Transphobia”is now a thing

starburst: LOLWHAT?

natureman: classic re-framing tactic

natureman: it’s supposed to be like “homophobia”

starburst: so what, exactly, is the phobia supposed to represent

natureman: chopping off penises and turning them into VAGINAS or vice versa

starburst: seems like a reasonable fear to me

soma_blaster: if turning a vagina into a penis doesn’t scare you there must be something wrong with you.

micclo: lol@humanity

subtlebastard: “paedophobia” is next

starburst: in honour of the greeks!

rectal_blaster: incestophobia

no_nonsense: so that would make it LGBQTIFP++

natureman: what’s the extra + for?

no_nonsense: C++ programmers

rectal_blaster: man-boy love. if you’re not scared off that something is wrong with you

micclo: sick world we live in. sick mother fuckers they are.

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