#MehTwo Stupid.

Your mother is a woman, but you don’t need that as evidence that good women exist. A good woman can get raped even if she takes reasonable precautions, but you’re a deluded fool to think the people who champion the #metoo movement are good people. They’re Hollywood celebrities. You might as well call them liars by definition. Whether you believe the accused or the accusers, 99.9% of them deserve to rot in the hell they created for themselves in chasing fame and wealth. Only the corrupt would feel sorry for a whoreish actress who sleeps with powerful men to further her career, then later accuses them of rape because she regrets what she did.

As if to prove #metoo never was serious, a male actor hopped on board and accused Asia Argento of “sexual assault” when he was 17 and she was 37. While it’s possible for a woman to rape a man/boy (by, say, drugging him and sodomizing him with a penis-like object), that’s a smokescreen for what’s really going on. Women in Hollywood are feeling remorse for being such whores, and they found a scapegoat in Harvey Slimestein. And while this kid obviously wasn’t raped by a woman, he’s saying that he was taken advantage of as a minor. Though inadvertently, what he’s really shown is that they’re all liars. Everyone in Hollywood is a liar, and if you didn’t know that yet, you’re either a little bit naive, or a whole lot retarded.