Drumpf isn’t the hero America wants but he’s the moron it deserves

Dem: Trump is go be impeached derrrrrrrrrrr

Rep: Nahhhhhhhhhh we owns duh Senate pfffffffffffffffff

Dem: Pelosi blah blah blurr

Rep: She’s just running her mouth, she’s already played her hand but I will say she got big tits doe

What he did well:

  1. Troll libtards
  2. Make a spectacle of himself
  3. No new wars in three years though he might have started one recently (so what right?)
  4. Talk a good game about God and religion

What he didn’t do well:

  1. Spelling and grammar (so what rite?)
  2. Avoid being a cuck
  3. Actually be pious and Godly

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