Sweden refuses to enter lockdown, mainstream media can’t cope

Despite continued criticism from without and within its shores, Sweden shows little sign of ever entering lockdown over coronavirus, to the apparent dismay of the global “free” press. Instead, Swedish leaders have steadfastly defended their no-lockdown strategy since day one, most recently citing a decrease in new and severe cases.

“Transmission is slowing down, the treatment of COVID-19 patients in intensive care is decreasing significantly, and the rising death toll curve has been flattened,” said Foreign Minister Ann Linde on Tuesday.

While most of the world reacted as if the severity of the virus was similar to that of a medieval plague, Swedish epidemiologists likened it’s long term severity to something more like the flu (though obviously not exactly the flu itself), a view which was censored almost everywhere else on the planet.

Now as Europe and the US begin to slip out of lockdown, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist and strategist Anders Tegnell has been quoted out of context and sometimes outright misquoted by over zealous media outlets in an attempt to discredit him and perhaps even force Sweden into lockdown. So far they just look like cry babies who want to stay in lockdown out of fear or other political aims.