Apocalypse Now (1979)

When America goes to war in the modern era, the primary objectives are dubious at best. Amidst the popularity contest of a democracy, the story of brave soldiers dying in a foreign land to keep the populace safe is the basic presumed pretext for government and media unity regardless of political allegiance. Of course it’s […]

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Paths of Glory (1957)

Kubrick’s first relatively big budget film, seen in some circles as anti-war which is overly simplistic. Kubrick doesn’t make such blanket statements. Rather, it’s an examination of courage and cowardice while being totally realistic about 20th century warfare and its corruptions. It says anyone on any side of a conflict over power can be corrupt […]

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Event Horizon (1997)

Through a combination of luck, some talent, and an atypical level (for him) of applied artistic brilliance, the bozo who helped bring you the Resident Evil films and Mortal Kombat (1995) was also responsible, once upon a time, for a forgotten cult classic that ranks among some of the absolute best horrors not only of […]

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Freaks (1932)

The halls of the macabre grotesque are decked with plate glass views of the machinations of hell as you continue on to the pathos of heaven. Some can only stomach this film as a statement against eugenics, though it’s not exactly that. It’s more a warning against meddling with those who are best left alone […]

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Sweden refuses to enter lockdown, mainstream media can’t cope

Despite continued criticism from without and within its shores, Sweden shows little sign of ever entering lockdown over coronavirus, to the apparent dismay of the global “free” press. Instead, Swedish leaders have steadfastly defended their no-lockdown strategy since day one, most recently citing a decrease in new and severe cases. “Transmission is slowing down, the […]

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Joker (2019)

If all Marvel/DC related movies were even nearly as good as this, intelligent people who know film would watch them. But we don’t because they’re not, which makes this more than a breath of fresh air. It’s actually just a brilliant movie all of its own accord and really doesn’t deserve to be associated with […]

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The Law Beyond

Democracy pretends the many are capable of deciding what is best for all. That with enough education, they will together make a rational decision, when instead they will take complex problems and reduce them to binary stupidities. There does not exist a world in which a throng of average intelligence people unable to discipline themselves will come up with better […]

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You could socialize face to face, or you could sit in front of a screen and push virtual buttons all day, following “trends” like a retarded person.

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