The Law Beyond

Democracy pretends the many are capable of deciding what is best for all. That with enough education, they will together make a rational decision, when instead they will take complex problems and reduce them to binary stupidities. There does not exist a world in which a throng of average intelligence people unable to discipline themselves will come up with better […]

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It (2017)

Moviegoers and critics have probably praised this as highly entertaining, thrilling, captivating, and maybe even “scary.” To some degree they’re probably right, but it’s also in large parts hacky bullshit, with a propensity to reduce the complexities of life to happy horseshit. If you’re confused, I’ll simplify to keep the word count down: happy horseshit noun. comforting illusions […]

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Anarchy Zonage

Rick Santorum is painted as a laughing stock, but he (could) represent something liberals fear: a common sense approach to anarchy and the outrageous. Most people would take a normal life mixed with adventure spirit and a positive outlook, without denying an inherent hardship in facing a world that seems to be callous at every […]

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Birdman (2014)

This movie wants to tell you there is heaven at the end of hell and attempts to do so by putting you through the movie hell of viewer annoyance, while the plot tries to illustrate the hell of obsession with fame. Ultimately it fails, because it’s a buddy-buddy flick for people in the industry to […]

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Antichrist (2009) — REDUX

A steadily rising tide of pathological psychosexual tensions burst into life as mythological horror and exploitative violence, concluding on the ultimate orgasmic ritual fantasy that’s stark, free, and superficially erotic (to the naive/sociopathic), paradoxically (but validly) akin to corporeal rumination on heaven itself. Jump to: a dreamscape mirage of fear fulfilled, and the incredible exploitation, through some magik, nonetheless seems […]

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