Dipshit control (or: Boundless Courage Part I)

What’s gonna happen to your phone? It’s going to end up in a gigantic landfill somewhere. Where an animal’s habitat used to be. Don’t look for proverbially cliché tree hugging liberals here. Animals are lower than people and it’s part of our job to keep it that way, but also to treat them with the respect all of nature deserves. The oxygen from pine trees helps keep you alive but you’ll think nothing of ripping out hectares of the magnificent forests where they reside just to build strip malls and casinos for idiots to distract themselves from the pathetic misery of their metaphysical uselessness.

Or more ugly urbanization, more housing projects because you couldn’t encourage your populace to take it easy with the birth rate explosion. Don’t even ask about how this would be done until you’ve considered the “worst” possibilities: like a just ruler meeting out a brutal but honest form of population control that tests every one including himself on values that matter. Their courage, their will power, their desire for being moral and virtuous; instead of their ability to get in a vehicle, drive to a building and stock up on piles of worthless garbage, not to mention casting votes in pointless elections that change nothing under flawed systems of rule that exist only because no one was brave enough to seek out a better way.