In an ideal world, you choose a side and it marches to victory because it is right, and righteousness beats evil because that’s how it’s supposed to work. In the real world, the less powerful side will likely lose because that’s how mathematics works. But still you must choose a side because to sit on the fence is to deny the fight and soon the fight will be solely inside you. You’ve denied the object (reality/world) in favour of the subject (fantasy/yourself).

Perhaps you believe you’ve been alone all along. You are tough. To make it in this world, you’ve reasoned, you have to depend only on yourself because, afterall, no one else can live life for you. In making that choice, you immediately chase after worldly things: money, girlfriend, a cool social life and maybe a polygamist lifestyle. Worse, you lose your spiritual discipline: passion and romance drives you, instead of the internal logic that sees a nightmare before it happens and allows your conscious mind to prevent it.

If there is a covenant that affords you the opportunity to achieve spiritual riches on earth, to purify your corporeal efforts and rewards, certified, bonafide and approved from above, why would you break it?

Your path to eternal reward is not limited to morbidly accepting a fairytale suited to children. The fairytale guides you as the mechanics of life reveals itself. Pedants will accuse you of heresy or blasphemy when you do the unpopular, because they lack understanding and courage. You cannot pay them heed. Reality is clear, simple, and instructive to those who patiently study it, and live by its laws.

If you don’t “believe” in heaven, know that time is just a finite experiment for you to find your soul in the place it has always been, before and after your birth. You cannot comprehend eternity, but that does not delete it from existence. If you don’t believe in a soul you will descend and compare yourself to animals.

If the hereafter is the condition of your soul in eternity, the here and now is the road to that destiny. On this road the subject and object collide, and at that point you are supposed to charge ahead and accept your duty, whatever it may be, so you can gain the rewards of righteousness.