Sex and morals

Weak people will attempt to make you pay for their past mistakes and the mistakes of their former partners. They dated and married sluts and morons, bitches and assholes, and didn’t have the foresight to see a bad situation in the making, or didn’t have the strength to end things before they got worse.

Virgins and the inexperienced are most at risk, and much moreso than any other human endeavour where sincerity can be trampled with indifference.

Sex is an impulse in direct contact with the transcendental, but if you’re a chimpanzee unable to control this impulse, sex is just something that feels good and the more the better no matter the context.

In theory women are more vulnerable but when you consider why polite society bans the word “whore,” and how a calculated shyness in females can falsely be equated with innocence, realize how easy it is for a slutty woman to fool a moron who can’t control his penis. From here, he should take a time-out and look for his own part in the deception but he’s a moron remember, so he uses the experience as an epiphany and internalizes it as a way to either fish for dumber, weaker, sluts or to corrupt a virgin (who again should share the blame but if she doesn’t, she will continue the cycle).

This is how morons breed because for them marriage is just a continuation of dating, and the protocols for dating were already contrived for “leverage” (like some stupid corporate job). They get their advice from the dumbest of sources then apply it indiscriminately. Cue feminism and its male counterparts, two sides of the same weak, toxic, political coin for serial victims who blame their failures on the opposite sex. If you truly care about minimizing harm you’d see the need for sexual morality that includes but extends beyond violence and is completely divorced from any feminist bastardizations like its clear encouragement for women to lie about rape.