Peer Pressure

If you are arrogant enough, you may believe its your peers holding you back more than anything. Your peers being all who work toward the same goals as you, and anyone of similar stature you may be forced to work with through circumstance. In situ or in absentia, you affect them, they affect you, and some of them are your friends. But if everyone works for the same things, these same people become your competition, and if only a few can have these things, the backstabbers and shameless social climbers win, right?

What, you thought natural ability and hard work was rewarded? Woe unto you. You may be given private confirmation of your brilliance, but this will not satisfy you for long, and beyond this you will get nothing. This is why the most successful of your peers are showboating clowns, because at some point there is nothing left to do but rise, or flaunt what you already have. You may be the same when you feel you need to appease to fit in, because this is the way to the top. It is only competition, and it is only natural: “Social Darwinism.”

Depending on your character, you may resent these types more than the lazy and ambitionless who will point blank refuse to do anything but the bare minimum or less on pain of death. They make everyone’s life a hell because in a bureaucratic system, they have “rights.” These are beyond hope in most cases, so you treat them like the computers that they are. Feed input, check output, shut down.

But the climbers know the game, and play it hard. This is one reason why a TV show like Game of Thrones can become so popular. We believe it must have been like this in most times throughout history. Lies at court, lies in the boudoir, the best face for every occasion. Liars everywhere because the truth, apparently, gets you no where.

The ones who take it to heart you meet with mixed feelings if you only part ways with them on idealism. They are genuine and honest, and are serious about what they do because they believe in it. But if what you believe in is truly a delusion, then despite your honesty, how truthful can you be? At the other end, if you think you believe in nothing, you still believe in all the things your chosen belief entails.

When you take time out from being wired 24/7 (or are forced to do so by candlelight even, through the grace of a power cut), note you are still alive and breathing. Note the stars are still fixed to their axes, and note the massive insignificance of what people do, day in, day out. This can save you from the grief of their lobbying.

Your peers are your competition, but if you have ambition and want to rise, you will make enemies. You should not look at it this way, but looking at something a certain way does not change the underlying nature of that thing. This is not Disney, where morons love your pretense to be goodie two shoes, then later act surprised when, after you have given them a taste of fame, their spawn embrace whoredom in People (Miley Cyrus) and on instagram (your daughter) in order to get more intense versions of the attention this fame affords. If you are right, can they be anything other than wrong? Reality.

If you walk along as if you are right, quietly going about your business, offending no one, pleasing many, in the name of being well liked, do you think you are doing anything of import? Ignorance.

Unless you wish to remain oblivious therefore powerless, there will come a day when you will know what you are not supposed to. When you will make a string of connections, traverse a series of cause-effect chains, leading to stark reality. Your peers and friends will not see this, and you will have to explain yourself in steps, and over time, as they see that you are right, they will slowly drift from you, fearing your judgement when in fact you respect them.

So go now, back into the world’s mixing board, and find that ever elusive golden ticket. Your place in society is on the line, your peers are on the path to success, at least that is what they say. You are falling behind. But why do you measure any part of your self-worth in relation to them? If you say you do not, why do you react to what they do? Why are you surprised when the only thing that ticket gets you is a free ride on a bullet train to a place you do not want to be? Go now, and succeed.



February 23, 2015