The Readiness is All

You only get one shot at life so you better make it count. Try as you might however, you cannot escape eternity because death is eternal. If it were not, then it would cease to be death, and life as we know it would be eternal, which is absurd. “Life after death” is a matter of belief and the literal interpretation applies exoterically.

Those with greater ability are not above this simplicity but have more responsibility to seek esoteric truths and upon uncovering them, guide willing herds to peace and prosperity where otherwise they would be lead into chaos and evil (don’t overthink the word herd, it has many contexts).

Even the popular misquoting of Schopenhauer is only apparent short-term relief for materialists:
“After death you will be what you were before your birth.”

The full statement is more precise and points out the irrational and seemingly contradictory nature of noumenal reality.
“After death you will be all and nothing.”

There is an element here of what could be dismissed as “oriental pagan wisdom” but “orthodox” monotheists must still agree that God, if omnipotent and omnipresent, is “in all things.” If you need an explanation of how God or His power could be inside things and humans that cause evil then you’ve missed the point (and need some inner reflection besides). The important distinction is that noumenal reality is unintelligible and contradictory to the mediocre. In an attempt to understand Kant and Schopenhauer they brought their ideas down to their level, and while these giants of German idealism were limited they were clearly far superior to the idiots who critiqued them and favored Hegel, subsequently turning philosophy into the laughing stock of progressivism it is today.

To be a human being is not an easy thing. You didn’t even have a choice, and the moment you first discovered your own mortality was the moment you were forced to accept a true burden. This should not be a lament but an inspiration to forgo the easy options in life more suited to those who never articulate this line of reasoning.

Even materialists can agree with this, but what they choose to do with this knowledge is another thing altogether because their faculties of understanding are rooted in the mind instead of the spirit and the purposeful action it engenders. They chase endless pleasure and treat morality like a game. It is not a game.

It may seem harsh – to them – that they are our enemies, but they also can’t see how their actions have consequences beyond the physical. Their “least harm” principle only applies to violence and they fail to see how being a whore, a manipulative liar or a greedy miser can have far greater consequences than violence. Alert readers will note that, of course, many of them are violent anyway.

These are not our only enemies, all of whom will underestimate us, which is only to our advantage. They will fail to understand our metaphysics and our mysticism because they do not believe in the Origin of these things. What on earth is there to fear when you confront death itself? Death cannot touch us till our purpose is complete. Peace is better than war, but just war is better than cowardly obedience to the criminals who “run the world.” The readiness is all. Being aggressors is not an option, yet those who oppose us will surely meet a terrible fate. If they had any sense they would recant and join us.