Spiritual Warfare

“Responsible adults” are starting to shit themselves as the Globohomo Commie Agenda of our era nears fruition. You best maintain a healthy sense of humor in these times of hardship because cowards, sellouts, shills and mindless sheep are all around us.

Fostering a warrior spirit however is more vital, especially when war threatens at every political impasse. The spiritual war instructs the physical war, the latter being meaningless without the former. Nothing would be easier than to explode with rage at the blind subservience to materialist, transhumanist tyranny that the population at large so readily offers. But these people were brainless zombies even before covid, expecting them to snap out of it now is literally like talking to a brick wall. They will serve their State Communist overlords with glee because the alternative is to show a modicum of human dignity and courage.

The impotence of our would-be allies doesn’t help, stuck as they are in a milquetoast rendition of “democracy is least worst.” Wake up and read a book from before the age of “Enlightenment” you dillweeds, democracy is the “ancient” precursor to communism. There’s no “seizing the means of production” but there definitely is Equality, the death of ambition. You’re not voting your way out of this and you can’t trick stupids into voting for something less harmful because stupids form and follow herds and an unchecked herd allowed to pretend it can make decisions without leadership will always choose short term promise over long term foresight. Ronald McDonald McDrumpf was quintessentially all smoke and no fire in this vein (and be grateful for these cheesy jokes, they help throw the alphabet fags (not them, the other ones) off our trails).