Unfailing Flight of the Night Spirit

Under normal circumstances the buffoons known as the “global elite” can be ignored in favor of the good things in life: the grandeur of nature, the pursuit of knowledge and love, the companionship of friends and family. The co-ordinated global response to coronavirus has however changed the rules, and threatens these very things. The longer the world is kept in suspense and fear of diseases with low mortality rates, and trained to believe worldwide lockdowns and curfews actually curb the spread of these diseases (and that this is more important than human freedom), the more these buffoons become a threat to our very livelihoods.

Global problems require global solutions however. “Globalism” is a misnomer used by right wingers and “conservatives” to resist at all costs any kind of opposition to their deluded views of nationalism and patriotism. A vector of righteousness is not a “patriot,” he does the right thing regardless of where he was born. He fights side by side with other righteous souls regardless of where they were born and the color of their skin.

Read the above paragraphs again. If you’re apolitical they will make complete sense. If you’re left or right wing you will only like one of them because your brain has been turned into mush by either side of one of the most moronic dichotomies in human history. You’re literally just perpetuating the debate of the clowns involved in the politics of the French Revolution of 1789. If you hate the elites so much you’d encourage a global tribalism that would replace both the nation state as it exists today and the supposed “New World Order.” You know, secession, balkanization, tribal warfare. Decentralization. How’s that for pissing on both the left-right spectrum and the “elites” at once?

Being apolitical means we follow the trajectory of the influence of politics while remaining unpartizan. We can even enjoy academic political theory. But to then engage and say “real” conservatism is the embrace of tradition while actual conservatives can now be openly gay and the thing they want to conserve the most is their own wealth (just like globalists, shock horror), of what use is that?

None of this is to suggest that the definition of “globalism” by the “elite” is any good. Of course it’s trash and of course they’re trash, false elites. False elites who scare the bajeezus out of the conspiracy theory mongers when in reality they’re mostly old sweaty men who’d die of heart attacks if given too much of a fright. Yes they have the power, so what? They’re ultimately cowards. Stop focusing on them, live your own life and you’ll be able to see a world beyond them. Your fears are at this point literature they can use. You’re giving them ideas they can try out on dumb people while you yourself contribute to that stupidity.

We remain vehemently apolitical spiritual warriors. Our solutions can be expressed politically and may need to be for those who can’t escape the endless cycle of politics that dominate contemporary consciousness. And thusly we ride into battle on ancient destriers. Remind your brethren to arm themselves in preparation for wars that may be unavoidable, yet our ancient metaphor remains intact as we mirror our ancient spiritual ancestors. Let even the stars beware the heights we may reach.



2/7/21 CE