Phoney War

If you think socialism and communism are the only alternatives to capitalism and democracy, you’re stuck in a retard enabler’s study session on 20th century politics and economics, a study session derived, in point of fact, from the current sociopolitical climate made up of an uncomfortably stupid mix of technocracy and anti-elitism. In other words, the intersection of “social” media and the actual media itself, an intersection that becomes larger and murkier as journalists become dumber and the academic “experts” who advise them, likewise.

In this context, the assumption is understandable yet no less moronic. Our right wing and conservative friends fight or pretend to fight the stupidities of identity politics, PC culture and on occasion outright socialism. Do this long enough and that is all you see, and soon enough the obvious nature of how left vs right and libtard v conservative politics are two sides of the same coin becomes not so obvious. Of course this is giving them a little too much credit. Most of them never made that distinction, they just chose one side of a binary stupidity.

Make no mistake, being conservative is superior to being right wing because there’s more room for people with moral courage to apply what you would think was the original goal of the right: to assert ancient values of moral caution in the form of personal responsibility, restraint, and heroic righteousness. Right wingers no longer represent this goal in any appreciable form, if they ever did. They tend toward a nationalism that would exclude good people in favor of the worship of the nation state. A piece of land with an identity forged in the blood of the natives and based on an ideal that is hardly unique. Everyone wants freedom, but in a context like this it will only devolve into a desire for racial separatism and racial supremacy even if you join the republicans, who love three things above all: money, money, and money. Together, their main goal is to beat the other side by whatever means necessary, which usually means pandering to the lowest common denominator. Hence these flaky value systems that make them about as materialistic as their opponents.

Speaking of the lowest common denominator, their opponents are obsessed with equality or egalitarianism, the idea that we’re all equal in a moral sense. Already that wording is suspect, but giving the benefit of doubt it could mean we’re treated equally (i.e. fairly) before a just moral law and judged according to our actions? When you scrape the surface just a little you discover instead it’s about enforcing the condition of social equality. That’s a huge distinction that is the absolute opposite of fairness, and also speaks to a negative state of mind inhabited by weak people who want to drag the best of us down to their level in all aspects of life.

If you want to make a deal with devils, the progressive among them will also gladly show you the way. According to them we’re all animals, and it’s okay to follow your impulses as long as no one gets hurt. Physically. In a social interaction no one ever gets hurt spiritually because, according to them, that doesn’t really exist. Spirit is a social construct. Gender is a social construct. Race is a social construct. You can fuck a social construct, treat them like dirt and as long as you don’t break the law you’re okay, but don’t you dare be a heterosexual male with a backbone. If you’re female don’t you dare “slut shame” actual sluts because of course they want you to be a slut too. Construct is a social construct. Postmodernism at its finest, allowing them to pick and choose what they deem real and what they deem unreal or fake. Fake news. Suddenly they’re a victim of their own thought process and the victimizer is a reality TV buffoon whose current show is set to get a four year extension next election.

As ever, it’s better to be apolitical. To be centrist is next to pointless and to pick a side in a phony war gives their system of lies and deceit too much legitimacy. Both sides want less government but through lack of a comprehensive worldview that considers all of history (400 years on the right, 150 years on the left) they will get more. Even the Phoney War of 1939 had more action than this sideshow.

In the news, a black man was killed by a cop. It looked like murder, but the owners of the small businesses that were looted or destroyed had nothing to do with the killing, nor with the supposed systemic racism that caused it. Some goofy celebrities did their thing and repeated the idiotic slogans as expected so the retards could memorize them. One way to ensure racism continues is to look at everything through a racial lens. Good job, morons. Every time this happens you have to feel sympathy for the black community but at the same time they’ve created a movement that makes as if they’re the only victims and forces everyone to either agree with everything they say and do, or else appear to be a bigot.

Police brutality and corruption is clearly a bigger problem. They’re a bunch of thugs because they fight thugs every day. Don’t look to big government to solve it. “Defund the police.” Okay, in theory every community should have the right to defend and police themselves. In theory, though it’s a concept that might seem strange to those who have never considered what it would take to build society from the ground up. Let’s not mince words: the police makes rich white people feel safe, while much of the middle class loves to think the impossibly noble cops on the stupid TV shows they watch are a true reflection of the police in real life. Both seem ignorant to the blue code of silence. Meanwhile some hippies in the Northwest are playing at anarchy while the real socialists look on with interest. Enter China.

This is what you get with mob rule, and democracy is ultimately mob rule, as you can see. Or do you still doubt what we’ve been saying from the start? The mob can not and will never know Ultimate Reality. More plainly: the mob can not face reality, which is a task for the few. It has nothing to do with money, social status or even power but the desire to know the Absolute, the ability to foster it, and the inner guiding light to avoid the destruction of the good.




June 11, 2020