Bread and Circuses

The world is a human zoo filled with imbeciles. That’s not a kind observation but evidence in recent times is glaring and intelligent people have always felt this way regardless. People have been beaten into psychological submission to materialist, transhumanist tyranny. To admit this would make them miserable, so instead they remain in the liminal space of cognitive dissonance where they pretend to be doing it for the greater good.

Intelligence is not the most important thing, and the sort of linear, mathematical intelligence that the sciences value and represent with IQ tests is even less important. But there has always been a minimal threshold of intelligence for the articulation of ideas, worldviews and most importantly esoteric truths that the common man has fallen short of. The spiritual component of this intelligence is also the component in which it is firmly rooted.

Enough is enough. That’s a common contemporary sentiment among those who are tired of the narrative of our time, a narrative spun in favor of would-be despots, ever more ready to seize the day of an illusory dawn of false prosperity. Something else the common man quickly forgets is that leadership is not easy. Being common, he doesn’t have much if any experience, so what would he know anyway? Yet that is no excuse for the evils perpetrated by world leaders today in service to transhumanist ends.

Enough is enough entertaining right wing nonsense as well. Mega-capitalists are as much responsible for human misery as authoritarian state communists are. Gates, Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg and whatever censorious privacy invading dipstick runs Google, just to name the main players in tech. It makes no sense, further, that Gates is helping dictate global health policy but these are the times we live in (see above, the world is a zoo).

Let’s not forget mainstream conservatives who, like their political opponents, are still obsessed with Trump. You can mention that despite calling out the establishment, he was used like a tool to sign all sorts of executive orders and policies that helped bring about Event 201. This will likely fall on deaf ears because right wing populism is about attention to detail as much as liberal identity politics is. That is to say, not much at all. To wit, politics for plebs and the witless who find reading gives them a headache instead of joy. Give them bread and circuses rather and they will never revolt.



12/9/21 CE