Smartphones are signifiers for idiots. Admitting it is the first step to recovery. All you needed was a phone to make calls, but instead you paid extra to learn how to use a sleek-looking piece of junk. Now you sleep with it, have breakfast with it, and take it out to lunch. People with brains buy things based on function. “It’s normal,” is not replacement for argument.

Form without function impresses morons because the surface is what’s important, and underneath the shell is an empty husk or otherwise something unpleasant. To avoid conflict, people need to be made to feel good about themselves, so no one wants to tell their friends they were retarded to pay money for a circuit board and a stick of glass glued together to attract the brainless. They bought a sixth grade kid’s science project and congratulated themselves for only taking a couple of days to explore its uselessness. When everyone reaches entropy together, it doesn’t feel so bad.

Technology could be used to explore outer space more vigorously, but the talents of engineers are wasted on making gadgets to keep morons occupied. A moron can’t think for himself, can’t enjoy nature, and follows hype. Hype is a signifier for value that does not exist. “It’s an accessory, like my metrosexual watch and belt-buckle, and helps keep the appearance I might be rich and successful.” He drives a sports car and lives three blocks from the ghetto.

In school, they told intelligent kids they were fags for listening to Beethoven. Then when they got a job and their own apartment, they saw a TV show that made them feel clever, and a character they identified with was a walking advertisement for the present and future of moron technology. “I’m a geek now.” But still a moron. Boy meets girl, all cutesy, and 10 years later the moron children begin repeating the cycle.

If there was a test for idiocy like home pregnancy, a smartphone device would drive the rollout. Just login here to the cloud. It will be cool don’t worry, we are affiliated with the bureau, just click the smiley face to agree. Identity information added to database, user marked. The test is positive by default, but will report back negative because oblivious users are addictive and profitable. Your dystopia is in arrival.

People with brains buy things based on function, and functional people socialize face to face. In this context, it may seem ironic to note that stupid people socialize more. Intelligence requires introspection, while socializing requires following protocol. If you break protocol because it’s illogical, you’re out. If you break it without anyone realizing by making them feel good about themselves, not only are you in, but you’re two steps “ahead.” If you socialize more than you read (books), you’re probably an idiot.

Being unaware is part of the deal. By the standards of the geniuses of history, the average person is a flaming idiot. Let’s say this person, Michael, socializes semi-frequently. Michael admits to being pretty stupid sometimes, like the time he bought a smartphone, yet everyone he meets seems to be dumber than himself. Let’s also say he learns empathy. Now he has a new perspective and they don’t seem so stupid, just “different.” He enjoys their company more, and eventually widens his circles. Has Michael become smarter or dumber?

The outcasts throw away the baby with the bath water and won’t admit that socialization, on a broader level, requires skill. If it’s a means to an end, there is a goal beyond the individual. Tension results, and mistakes happen. They don’t want to take the steps that could lead to embarrassment, and then they overcompensate and put more value on this embarrassment than there really is. Morons want to socialize all the time because they need to substitute a void, only ending up with a bigger void (further into the void).

Peer into this void. It’s a concentrated mass of indiscriminate stupidity and lack of order. If they can manage it, the unthinking will take people with brains here, because if standards are low, the losers are the intelligent. Morons love it, and engage readily as another means to pass the time, but when socialization hits static (no new inputs), they become self-referencing automatons who don’t even talk to each other, preferring to push virtual buttons on stupid, shiny devices. There is no time to feel sorry for them, because they’ve also become sheep who will take offense when the truth is given to them unadulterated.