Race, Racism, Evolution, Death knell

Race is not your problem because it’s inconvenient. With an endless list of personal desires, problems, and insecurities, why would you spend any time at all worrying about something as abstract as race, or its immediate social consequence, racism? The politically correct anti-racists sugar coat everything because they are in service only to themselves, but don’t make the mistake of giving them your disdain, because you will walk straight into the arms of racism. Oh look, it’s too late already, as you share or laugh at racist jokes behind closed doors with your own kind, confirming that the comfort of ethnic identity is just another brick of mortar in the game of building empires of spiritual rot.

“Harsh” is what went out with the complacent, the slovenly, and the meek. Hard is what built civilization, because love is hard, and civilization built without love is a rat race to nihilistic dissolution. From the view of this love, racism is repugnant and disgusting, but the New Age puffballs will feed you the marketing concept of equality to keep you entrenched in this rat race.

In short, it’s profitable, because if we are all equal, no one has to put in the extra work to achieve intangible reward, and all you have to worry about is fulfilling your role as a cog in the machine that feeds the bottom line, a bottom line that gives you back your daily bread: stale, mouldy spiritual bread that looks like salmon toast but tastes like nothing and does not satisfy you. In one hundred years of industrial revolution, they took the esoteric concept of Unity, spat on it, molested it, fed it to the dogs, and out came Equality.

If you study race closely enough, and in tandem with evolutionary biology, the observations may not be pleasant. Even if our common ancestor is a lower or less complex life form, what makes you think we are still on the upward trend? Where are these superhominids who can bench press 400lbs but also map out civilization? Why are transhumanists still playing the fool and ripping off Michael Chricton novels? It’s too convenient that all of us came out of Africa, and matters little anyway.

Take a good long look at your Equality, and the lie it affords you. Death is not real, and simply holding hands will keep you safe from the terrors, the terrorists, the boogeyman, and the apocalypse. Simply holding hands is the answer to all your problems, because instead of becoming a leader or working toward something that is not for yourself, you would ask your leaders to jump in the fire before you lift so much as a finger. If there is a better way, you must destroy it, because it invalidates your own, and threatens your safety in the herd. Your destiny is to be goodie two shoes and pretentious.

If one day race does not exist, it is only another part of history that will be wiped away, and in this way perhaps it is as inevitable as death itself, and the swallowing of the earth into the sun. If we separate, what do you imagine you’re preserving? Take your children. More beautiful than you will ever be again, but it’s only youth. When they reach your age, they will compare themselves to photos of you and find themselves worse off. There is your mistake in front of you. Appearances, phenomena. Das ding an sich lost in a trail of materialist hubris (race is biology, and biology is matter).

Racial supremacists and secret racists must take care. When you start on your path of hate, you are marginalized to help you see how wrong you are, but you insist on your path because you’re blinded by appearances and a false sense of identity. How it must hurt to realize this. How you err, yet you still think it’s unfair that you’re fighting a losing battle. Come over to the side of the greater good, and know that there are better, easier ways to beat the make-believe activists, and more fruitful ventures besides to pour your soul into. If you continue as you were, you will only face doom.