Era of Hype

If you still think democracy is a great idea, consider this: the vote of a genius is equal to that of a moron. That’s a leveling of the playing field bordering on malicious. Morons want chaos, disharmony, and probably the destruction of life for everyone equally because their existence, as morons, is surely unbearable. The only reason they don’t get their way is because they’re kept in check by their masters the Nanny State, whom they dutifully obey not necessarily by following its rules and laws, but by believing these laws to be true, fair, just, and therefore not worth changing or even objecting to. They’re not so much peaceful law-abiding citizens as docile sheep unable to face the vastness of reality and existence, led by politicians who are cut from the same cloth.

How it works is, there are two sides to every debate. You pick one, memorize the bullet point list of maxims, then tell an opponent when they’re wrong based on these maxims. If you’re right wing, abortion is murder. If you’re left wing, being a slut is okay because freedoms. Besides the obvious case (when the mother was raped) context is unimportant. The bigger context being a society that can’t even control its own population size will obviously become more robotic in its approach to pregnancy. “That ‘un there? Yeah she done got 10 kids, 11th on the way. Husband ain’t got no job but his dick still work or so it seems. Is’ a fucking tragedy.” Of the commons. Weak leaders breeding a weak populace breeding weak leaders.

Overpopulation, by way of mention, is one of the biggest problems facing mankind, yet it never gets so much as a courtesy in the mainstream because instead of actually fixing things, democratic leaders need to appear to be doing so, and this requires a hype train maintained by those easy maxims repeated ad nauseam on television and other media for idiots to memorize. Hype is a signifier for value gone missing. If you repeat something enough times, eventually you’ll believe it, regardless of its actual truth content. Similarly so for low IQ zombies with car keys who probably voted for an idiot, constantly reminded through their favorite good-for-nothing devices why the bullshit in the news is supposed to be important.

You get free time off this time of year thanks to other people’s decrees of so-called holidays. Winter solstice and the turn of the year used to mean something: an overcoming of hardship in striving for intangible ideals. Not repeating stupid customs like neurotic gift exchanges and narcissistic “resolutions.” You could use this time wisely, or you could get on the hype train with everyone else. Sitting there on that filthy seat (a hype train is bound to be dirty, isn’t it?), ask yourself if the fools with you have any connection to the things they celebrate. Likely not, as they celebrate all things in the same mundane, spiritless fashion. Why don’t you get off then?