Glossary of terms

Warning – this glossary uses singular “they,” “their,” and “them.”

Moron: Has zero soul intuition. Does almost everything without thinking. Has no connection to the past or the future. Also known as a soulmoron.

Weasel: Selfish beyond reckoning. Did nothing their entire life in service to something other than themselves. Can’t spare a thought for the future because “am going to die anyway.”

Normals: Everyday masses. As an individual, makes every effort to fit in, but may act out tiny dramas with close friends and relatives when feeling needy. Fails to see how making happiness a goal in-and-of-itself can be selfish. Might become passive aggressive if confronted.

Mundane: A normal with no adventure spirit or creativity.

Aidsvictim / Spiritual AIDS Victim: May have been taken advantage of unfairly. Makes little or no effort to change their situation.

Lamer: Someone who is not up to date in their chosen field of work, research, or volunteer effort; or just someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Psychology: A field created by idiots who wanted to be philosophers but didn’t have the aptitude.

Alonehood: The state of knowing in solitude.

Kindred spirits: Part sixth sense for scribes and ascetics, unknowns working for the same goals and ideals in parallel. Rarely meet.