Free for All

If everyone were as free as the “leaders of the free world” want you to believe then why, pray tell, does your freedom encroach on others? That is, the more free the “free” get, the less free the unfree become. In other words, if everyone is free, no one is free.

You only need a brain to see how this works. If Jessica is free to smoke pot, spread her legs for any loser with big muscles (let’s say the latest loser is Jared) and give birth to stupid spawn on her front porch then her neighbor Mark’s freedom has been severely limited. Mark is intelligent and wants to explore life to the fullest, but people like Jessica and Jared outnumber him, and their idiot spawn will continue to outbreed people like him.

If everyone were as free as modern leaders want you to believe then why, pray tell, do the hordes and cabals of depressed zombies keep trudging off to jobs they despise to earn tokens they spend at hell hole strip malls they also secretly despise but pretend to enjoy to save face and make themselves feel like all that effort at that stupid job was worth it – maybe?

Why do they keep repeating the same stupidities, over and over again? Because that is their purpose in life. They’re born, given a small range of options that seem different but all lead down the same path (the one almost everyone else follows), then they die. Forever.

You’d think that “forever” business would scare them into taking risks in order to achieve great things, but no. They may take risks, but small ones, incrementally over years and decades for smaller, less permanent rewards. Not a bad strategy, if you want to live some goofy life scripted for a character in a Christopher Nolan movie.

“I just want a family and to be happy.” Okay, you go be happy with your low risk, mediocre family that will contribute probably nothing to the world on an eternal scale. I’ll keep taking risks, looking forward, making something of myself beyond the easy, stupid, mediocre, low risk options the world gives everyone. That and only that is true freedom. The bravery to choose something better that may require more risk and work, but will yield rewards that exceed the mundane by multiple orders of magnitude.





February 01, 2020