The transcendental ideal of brotherhood and comradery that unites the righteous, that gets us through difficult times and seemingly impossible odds, that helps us love our neighbor and our fellow man, makes us feel compassion, and warms our hearts in the light of God is nowhere found in the modern, postmodern and contemporary idea of political Equality.

That “equality” is a lie that panders to the weak, the underconfident and the plain imbecilic whose faculties of reason and judgement have been stripped away by nihilistic materialism. That may seem harsh to some but truth isn’t always pretty. Equality favors the lowest common denominator because if we’re all equal, there’s no need to achieve anything and it’s okay if failure is the norm.

Blanket equality implies: the less able outnumber the able who can therefore be forced into conformity. This breeds an intense mediocrity that is largely insufferable to creative, intelligent people. “Just get over it” says the midwit whose spirit is of a similar middling quality.

Why do progressive liberals, leftists and communists like equality? Because they’re useless at almost everything, so if giant bureaucratic structures exist to shield them from risk while limiting everyone else’s freedoms, all the better for them. Contemporary conservatives mean well but en masse aren’t much better. If they’re not in love with dumb jobs they’re voting for idiots who talk a good game but have no solutions beyond “least worst.” Freedom, real freedom, is a hellish nightmare to all these types. In freedom you’re tested against reality. Actual reality, not man made illusions like identity politics and capitalism.

The founding fathers were sophisticated enough to know that equality before God is a starting point, not a permanent state nor an end point. This and only this is the “equality” they mean to espouse. Yet they were the liberals of their time, that is to say “classical liberals” if conservatism is defined as supporting the political status quo and liberalism rejects it. If they were alive today would they be liberal or conservative? Would they tout some form of libertarianism? Or would they be and were they always indeed Free Masons? Uh-oh.

That doesn’t fit the goofy narrative of political conservatism, nor liberalism for that matter. Nor even that of phony “conspiracy theorists” and “truthers” who are eager to believe any anti-establishment line that seems remotely true yet whose views are strangely in alignment with mainstream-adjacent buffoons like Alex Jonas and Joe Roganberg. Really? These grifters know the esoteric truths that dictate the rules of power that were set in motion at the commencement of time? Really?

Instead, they represent just another form of untrue equality. A democratic wishful thinking that might call itself republicanism but never rejects democracy because that would be unprofitable. These people are outspokenly “anti-elitist” which, if you think about it, is pure cowardice. If someone is an elite engineer, and engineering is useful to your civilization, why would you want to democratize (equalize) that person’s influence? Isn’t that, like, communism? “No, no, only political leaders and rulers need their powers limited because we can’t determine what a good ruler is.” Well, that about says it all.