The Indiscreet Banality of the low IQ Bourgeoisie or: bombastic Commie nightmare to Thine Idiot Bourgeois families

Is it just you, or is America and the directionless global community that follows its dramatic story line more aware of Communism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism in general than ever before? No, because your grandparents, great grandparents or their immediate forebears lived through two World Wars, you ignorant short-sighted brats. And before that, your ancestors straight out ethnically cleansed a people into practical extinction, with no war crimes court to answer to. And long before that, “fascist” wasn’t a word, because war was the order of life, and the weak were recycled instead of protected and allowed to over populate the entire inhabitable planet. You low IQ Bourgeois dipshits.

Just as history often repeats itself, idiots who can only focus on the present – or a few decades of history at a time at best – blow everything out of proportion. 1789 is only interesting in so far as it explains to some degree the motivations of both the left and right wing arms of modern politics, a politics for a people that cannot face reality, nevermind thinking outside of the box to arrive at creative solutions to a world whose problems seem to grow exponentially with time. Likewise for your Boston Tea Parties and proud rebellions that only led to bigger delusions than your former Imperial masters imposed upon its Colonies (delusions directly uploaded to the TVs and Netflix accounts of your idiot contemporaries).

Much like liberalism and conservatism are two sides of a weak coin, Capitalism and Communism are two sides of a dichotomy that – while not entirely false – is not as diametrically conflicted as the proponents of either side may suggest. The disagreement manifests itself as actual differing economic eventualities, but the idealisms behind them are of a similar disease: treating work (communism) and the outcomes of work (capitalism) as valuable in and of themselves.

Money is an abstraction representing arbitrary value. The “market” is merely the group of “believers” who buy into the lie, so with the greed of Capitalism, something that costs $50 today can cost double within six months even if the quality of the product didn’t improve. Not so bad, right? Just don’t buy the inflated product you idiot? Profiting off morons perhaps sounds like fun, but the method behind the sale is still deception. That wad of cash in your hand or that number representing your bank balance — how much value does it actually possess? Incidentally, whatever the market dictates. Inherently, absolutely nothing.

Work is applied energy. The reason for doing the work is more important than the work itself. Highly stimulating, enjoyable, and rewarding work shouldn’t, by definition, require compensation; so when someone earning a mega salary claims to experience this joy, is it not really the joy of profiting off the middle and lower classes? Communism, in its 20th century incarnation, is a deception of epic proportionality, allowing workers to believe all are equal so long as they work for each other, when in fact everyone will work for the State on a low wage. This is not so far removed from the lying, cheating Democratic State that oscillates between these two extremities, first taxing the rich to subsidize the poor, then punishing the poor to pander to the rich, all the while getting the benefits of a supposed World Power with minimal economic risk (at the expense of a moronic, deluded populace). The only major difference being Communism had a bigger stomach for brutality, and less guile in hiding or explaining away its atrocities.

As ever, there’s a middle ground that no one has tried before, one that would work if people lived for what is right instead of what is convenient (capitalism) or what is a vengeance without idealistic cause in the case of communism. This approach would do away with the Nation State entirely. Already, alarm bells will ring inside the right wing brain — GLOBALISM. No, you’re just as short-sighted as your left wing opponents. Remove all those moronic terms and isms and try to push this through your thick skull:


There. You might yet be cleansed. The average right wing nut case will try to sell you the following:

  1. All revolutions lead to a state worse than the one it replaced.
  2. 1789 qualifies quintessentially.
  3. The American revolution was different and awesome because nationalism.

#3 is not a typo. It’s what they believe implicitly, because they’re overwhelmingly patriotic, and reduce nationalism to this level by making it more important than it is. Everyone comes from somewhere with its own language and culture, and that should be celebrated, but if you can’t see that most if not all nation states that exist today are corrupt, and that this corruption is proportional to the power they wield, you’re deluded or you yourself are likewise corrupt.

None of this makes the liberal left any less deluded. They fight for individual freedom as the highest goal and care about little else. Their biggest nightmare is anything that threatens this freedom, which they treat as absolute, yet they still need Nanny State to take care of them and tell them monsters aren’t real. If this sounds suspiciously similar to the average Trump voter, it is, because it’s suspiciously equal to the average Hilldog voter too. Please check a few paragraphs up: your political discourse is a self-contradictory horseshit.

If after all this you still think government is your friend, you deserve the hail of Commie bullets that is your likely future. You’re sweating over North Korea, a place the size of Louisiana. Did you forget about China? And Russia? If Putin had your idiot President wrapped around his finger any tighter they’d both explode into homoerotic smithereens. The traditional Commie states are officially not-communist as of this writing because they’re co-operating. Yet Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill were thick as thieves before the Ruskies broke loose and applied their own version of freedom upon the Baltic. A bombastic Commie nightmare for Thine Idiot Bourgeois families.


March 27, 2018