On Feminism

We are human. We strive for equality. But we also strive for beauty, richness of experience, and balance of aesthetics, which includes sexual dimorphism. Faced with difficult choices, the unthinking masses will always revert to the lowest common denominator (LCD), which is the place where beauty is replaced with what everyone gets by default, the stale bread and potatoes of the spirit.

At the lowest common denominator, equality means literally that. We should all be given everything the same, there is no essential difference between man, woman, and child, no one is in charge, we should all follow each other off the cliff, so when we reach the bottom no one is to blame. This is the ideal, because at the lowest common denominator, those who are more able are at the behest of the less able, who outnumber them and can force them into conformity. Instead of showing them the way, the strong must hold up the weak, the old the young, the wise the frivolous.

With gender, it has come to mean sameness. “All I see is men doing X, I want the same, no matter that it doesn’t suit me.” Freedom rules above all including common sense, and people are always looking for anything that will make them stand out. So little by little, decade by decade, square plugs are forced into round holes. “I don’t know if she deserves that salary, but give it to her because she’s a woman and our male predecessors dominated their females. In public we can just say she got it on merit.”

Equality of the sexes keeps the peace for the kids and the naive, but behind the scenes, the battle rages on. Feminism is relatively small fry, but it affects you eventually, and, male or female, not to your benefit. Men who accept it become indecisive, apologetic, and timid. Women become overbearing, insensitive and possibly butch. Then tomorrow the receptionist at work is transgender and it’s a big joke among friends, but later you realize how it can happen. Mom and Pop pretended everything was okay but their children grew up confused, now one of them wants to change their gender to feel important. We are human, we strive for equality, and maybe that should mean equality in maintaining natural differences.

A strong woman can lead, and she can lead men if she really wants to, but if she does so in a capacity that is better suited to a man, she should expect to lose much of what makes her a woman: the ability to nurture and care for starters. If she is 51, rich, and powerful, maybe this doesn’t matter to her anymore, until she sees that the happiest women in old age are as feminine in spirit as they were in adolescence.

The heart of feminism seems to be in the right place: injustice. But investigate this claim, and you might find plain disregard for natural roles in the name of a hellbent pursuit of power. A strong woman should also be careful of trying to topple a strong man, and then realize better than a man that to topple is a lower type of strength. The battle rages on, but we are human and we strive for equality.

Look at the girl who let her innocence be taken by a weasel. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if she falls for feminism, she will gladly marry a manboy who is easy to control. But she will be unsatisfied and eventually go find some other sweet talking weasel, this time as an adulteress. She didn’t want to take responsibility for her own part, so she jumped onto a readymade ideal that told her she’s right no matter what (“she has rights”). We are human, we strive for equality. Say it enough times and maybe you will believe it.

What both sexes want is fairness, but you cannot right the wrongs of the past by blaming the men of the present. If you are brave enough, you will admit you cannot right the wrongs of the past, period. Time waits for no one, and here it’s best to be brutally honest. Look to yourself first, and leave your cookie cutter ideals at the door. No sane person is buying.