Une Femme Une Est Femme (1962)

Award winning Une Femme Est Une Femme has Godard in top form, playing with the novel in the Nouvelle Vague he helped create, by 1962 in its adolescent phase. It self-proclaims masterpiece status in a jest of untouchable confidence springing from the well of youthful exploration of a new style of cinema, and over six(!) decades later, it’s hard to argue how different it is from any film you’re likely to ever see.

What separates it from the youtubers and MTVers is discipline to a medium that allows for artistic coherence and an intellectual attention span, and the will to get out of the house and take life by the balls, instead of sitting at home and pretending that youtube is more than just a cheap vehicle to attract a crowd of idiots. Being light-hearted, its only concrete statement is “bitches be crazy,” yet it is far from anti-woman or misogynistic. On the contrary, an argument could be made that it is too kind to that great beast of (self) righteousness that aims to destroy gender roles and the nuclear family in the wake of its single-mindedness: feminism. If that offends you, great, you’re probably a fucking moron.