Materialist Fears

Evolution could be true, or it could be a bedtime fairy tale to give materialists peace of mind on those dark nights of the soul that threaten to impress upon their consciousness the implications of their nihilism. If they were actual scientists they would at the very least admit that devolution is just as likely but instead this evokes the kneejerk reaction “evolution has no direction.” What a meaningless garbage statement. The very word “evolution” implies progress. Their best explanation for human intelligence and sentience is “Apes sorta got smart eventually coz they learned how to make tools. They became self-aware because reasons and hunger.”

One step removed are those who presume (or maybe hope) evolution and God-belief are not necessarily mutually exclusive. God could have planted the seeds for life, and keeps all species on the path of evolution by guiding natural selection. But modern neo-Darwinists define evolution so as to exclude this possibility categorically and in any case it ignores the evidence of what the fossil record really indicates: a trend from higher orders of organized complexity to lower, especially during the Cambrian.