Arbitrary Impermanence

Esoteric nationalism is almost an oxymoron because any true esotericist knows that mainstream politics is for fools, and that whoever happens to be Head of State at any particular time is relatively meaningless. If you think you’re hardcore for being at home with the Occult, you might want to ask yourself what exactly you can achieve as a result of your experiences. The racists must yet pass through us, these are the wars they were promised in antiquity.

If your experience is beginner to intermediate and this line of reasoning baffles you, here’s a big clue: nationalism eventually leads to racism, partly because people are blockheads who can apparently only look at history a few centuries at a time, and partly because the very concept of the Nation State is already a stupidity in itself. The fascists must yet pass through us, these are the echoes of their reckless idealism.

And if you think there’s a left wing solution to any of this, you are painfully mistaken. The communists must yet pass through us, these are the heights of the spirit they cannot fathom.

Your Nation State is drawn with the arbitrary lines of geography and capitalism, and the impermanence of corporeal cause and effect. Stop acting surprised and confused as to why belonging and believing in their stupidities like democracy, equality, nationalism and patriotism – just to fit in – brings you no happiness whatsoever.



September 11, 2019