Fool Destroyer

Feminism divorces the dynamic properties of emotion from its adjacent components that make life possible. This is giving it too much credit, because it is nowhere near as powerful as this effect may imply.

Let’s say equality exists. Then there is no need for women to fight for it, and no need for feminism. Your average frustrated activist will go through several iterations of self-righteous buffoonery to discover: “No, we actually require that equality does not exist. If there is inequality, there is a reason for me to exist, and a reason for my failures.” An external reason.

Spirit is not soul, mind is not psyche, personality is not character, and emotion is not just “feelings.” Yet with feminism and its sister ideologies, these are all thrown into the same flavorless pot and treated as synonyms. Feminism will take its adherents to an endpoint where they will abstract emotion into a linear absolute.

If he overcomes nihilism, the young idealist’s melancholy lies behind the search for peace in the form of an equality that was achieved through a challenge laid bare to the entire world: from now till the end of time. Nay, that is not enough, because it excludes history.

Science is still digging through M-theory to come to the inevitable conclusion that death more than anything is the ultimate discovery beyond the curtain of illusions plaguing the common man and his endless struggle to merely “survive,” and moreover his feeble attempts to overcome his state of comfort in mediocrity. Populist religion explains away death with a different illusion. Esoteric religion (or religion as seen from the perspective of the esoteric) upholds righteousness to the death, and explains the consequences of death in a form that is palpable during life.

When you have accepted not only your mortality, but death itself in its myriad forms of abstraction, this perspective of the courageous will make sense to you, and things like feminism and capitalism will be put in their proper place and context. What you’ll have to deal with if you don’t check out of society completely is the deluded, some of whom will probably be friends and family.

It’s not arrogance to come to this conclusion. They put themselves in this bracket because they fear being ostracized. Ostracized from what? Community will give back what you put into it, and if at some point a disagreement arises that becomes untenable, you cut them loose like anyone else. Cowards put personal relationships above truth and reality.

Stand rigid for the next battle. Peace means reloading your guns.

In a modernity where cowardice is rewarded, your masculinity will be challenged at every turn by fools too scared to even think of alternatives. Sometimes choosing to fight them will infect you with their degeneracy. Rise above them.