One Percent

When idiots are somehow offended, paradox will seem like contradiction, related terms will become interchangeable, and a former acceptance of ambiguity will become an impatient demand for simplification. As if they were running things instead of just “watching.” Television is not only the most obvious example, it’s also the starting point from which they’ve been programmed since the fifties.

Idiots are served information at a furious rate from all directions, seemingly at all times. It’s a clamor for their attention that pretends to treat them like kings and queens simply because they are there (and in numbers). The disquiet grows when the collapse of material civilization becomes apparent, yet they cannot articulate it into any cogent statement because probably they’re almost as bad as those who don’t care at all. The implied dystopia is ignored because they’re comfortable with oblivion and ignorance.

They do know a little bit about money, because money is the token you take to the store in exchange for the stuff that helps keep neurons firing signals to and from their peabrains. Consider all the knobheads that are in their mother’s basement right now, barfing Doritos into a waste basket while matching each other’s “skills” on some dumb online RPG. Their destination is Burger King: the line to order or the employment line or both. These are of the last to wake up, and of the least capable of doing anything when the time comes.

Don’t underestimate the corporate whores (who sell their souls if not their bodies) and whore-mongers either. In most cases they got an office job in a high rise monstrosity, probably through knowing someone, then just stayed there for 10 years or more to climb a meaningless corporate ladder. Pretense turns to insult when the “trick” is revealed and it’s clear they’re actually powerless (youth), miserable (adult), debt slaves (middle age), and again powerless in retirement. Based on this preamble, it should be absolutely no surprise that something like “Occupy” is the first and best reaction of the disgruntled workforce of average and below average people comfortable in doing average and below average things. It’s what they’ve been doing all along. Exist. Eat. Fat. Don’t move. Don’t change yourself. Eat. Occupy.

This averageness includes morality. Right and wrong is “obvious” but they seldomly or never reach for the heights and risk failure, so they seldomly or never know experientially what this morality entails, and if they believe in nothing, this ignorance is amplified. The one percent know, if we take the materialist, capitalist definition and turn it on its head, so it can mean those who, worldwide, take the entirety of history as a roadmap into the crucible that is creating the future. The one percent. The spiritual elite.



March 4, 2016