Slave State Ethics

This is only a taste of things to come. If this is how the world reacts to a viral outbreak that was never going to kill more than 1% of the global population, imagine what would happen if something truly vicious reared it’s ugly head. You can’t explain this to people who’ve never heard the term “overpopulation,” a cold morbid reality, but a reality that has consequences such as this nonetheless.

Suddenly people who are seeing logarithmic graphs for the first time in their lives are now experts, even though they’ve probably never heard the terms “population dynamics” or “carrying capacity” either. So some statistics to put the by now stupendous fear mongering of SARS Coronavirus 2 (or COVID-19 for plebs) into perspective:


That’s not good, when you consider the trend of exponential population growth since 1950. More people means more good things right? No, it means more mouths to feed, more poverty, and more disease. What’s the carrying capacity of Earth for humans? No one knows right? But when the carrying capacity of a natural habitat is reached, you get famine and disease as nature fights back against depletion of its resources. And what does the liberal media scream in your direction daily? If it’s not world hunger, it’s “climate change” (though never a mention of overpopulation), and now it’s an outbreak of a new disease. Oh what a coincidence.

BIRTHS 2020 – 46.5 million

DEATHS 2020 – 19.5 million

Ok then, keep encouraging idiots to breed like rabbits.


  • Heart disease – 3.1 million

  • Cancer – 2.7 million

  • Stroke – 2.2 million

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – 1.1 million

Those are just some of the major causes of death, with COVID-19 all the way down at 230 thousand deaths as of this writing, less than diarrhoeal diseases, HIV/AIDS and traffic accidents. That number will increase, but even if worst case scenario it tops heart disease as the number one killer (which clearly it won’t), what exactly will be the net result? That’s right, it won’t even make a dent in the birth/death rate ratio. More people, more idiots to buy stupid shit they don’t need and cry about being oppressed, even as they gladly relinquish their freedom to their governments so they can sit at home and get fat switching between tabs for work, fagetflix netflix and twatter twathub jizzer twitter.




APRIL 30, 2020