Materialist Doom

Materialists are in a panic because their civilization is coming to an end, in some ways abruptly. The writing has been on the wall for decades but they live only in the moment, easily distracted by current events and the circle of their own fears feeding on each other.

They laughed at the so called dooms day preppers (some of whom are nonetheless a bit silly), but more importantly those with spiritual foresight who have been preparing for the end since the day they discovered eternity is more than just the projection of the temporal subconscious. More than just the yearning of an atemporal being “trapped” in a corporeal vessel. They can’t conceive that preparing for the end doesn’t mean you stop living.

Politics dominates this era of stupidity, but you’ll note if you just live your life and stop paying close attention to the frenzy of the “news” and “social media,” your outlook will start to improve drastically. After just two weeks of not playing their games you’ll notice something: they’re all full of shit. After four weeks it becomes abundantly clear. Onward and upwards, into countless battles, battles that have nothing to do with their idiotpolitik, even as they advance in the name of political ambition. Battles on the wargrounds of eternity.