Into the Wars

Most wars are for idiots because they aren’t well thought out, the reasons for going to war aren’t clear, or they are plainly unjust. Modern war is a war of convenience. They would fight to keep life as easy as possible, but the collapse in front of them is like a screaming woman in miscarriage. It’s a news item, then it’s forgotten, and they tune out to TV so they can continue eroding their creativity, because their answer is to escape to an ivory tower of wealth. No, let me fix that for you, an irony tower of wealth. What an irony they have become.

Modern civilization wants to collapse for so many reasons you can’t even keep track. Even the will to explore has been diluted into a pre-packaged stupidity most free spirits don’t care for. A few of years of travel abroad, then the safety of a boring job and meaningless social life back home, before the inevitable marriage of convenience and vacation every 12 months with the rugrats. It’s been feminized, because the view is that the bad people and have-nots want to cause chaos. Like a self-entitled rich bitch on her period, it throws in the have-nots with the bad people.

The men walk around castrated and ready for any excuse not to go home to their families because their families think of them as cash cows. Okay, let’s not be so brutal (read: truthful). Walk into a shopping mall or wherever they gather and note that most of them are in a subtle depression. They are made to feel like wife-beaters if they so much as raise their voices to their spouse because the feminist ideal is for everyone to be a soft spoken droid. “Oh honey, intimidate me with mind games, not your fist.” Most feminists are masochists in disguise, and male feminists? They do exist, and they severed their own testicles a long time ago.

Wealth is not an escape but a way to pass the time. You read correctly. “I need to put food on the table” sounds like breadline poverty because the people who live this way are either clueless or in transition. Maybe the wealthy are clueless if all that wealth goes to no good, and usually this is the case because it’s an excess. When the have-nots assemble round their palaces, ready for siege, in actuality or in metaphor, what will they do?

Their war is pressing a button when it seems like the world media will make them look good, and the fall guy is some head of state, a puppet, either their own or a foreigner. It’s telling that if the implements of war were once again horseback and longsword, the men will be separated from the cowards. Their descendants will face what they avoided, and if they don’t care, why should anyone care about them? Our ancestors fought their wars with the combined view of history and future (our present and beyond) in all directions.

The pacifists don’t want any kind of war, yet everything they own is thanks to war. History repeats itself, and at some stage, the slow, staggered collapse of modernity will turn full scale. How big is full scale? It doesn’t matter, because the masses are idiots, and idiots forget history.

Democracy is at best a contingency. When it fails, a tyrant will take them and make mince meat out of the false aristocracy. Being a tyrant, he will, in theory at least, destroy himself too. The good people never really cared about wealth, nor the appearance thereof, so even if everything is wiped away they will build from the ground up. Building from the ground up is what they’re used to, because it’s ten times better than what they’re served. When they do a thing, they mean for it to last, forever if possible. Some of the warriors will die as eternal heroes, with the knowledge that they weren’t passive victims who held on to material comforts.

This is the romance (Romantacism, if you will) that a feminized society does not want. They want the greeting cards and linear emotion because they’re eternal children. No harm done? Even though chastity is a woman’s responsibility, the final twist of irony is that feminized society is more lustful and prone to debauchery. So if you mention war, you get a bemused look that says, “not for me, my life is great.” Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, because their foresight is between two weeks and a single lifetime. One fine day they will wake up and wish they did something meaningful with their time, and their single shot at existence.