If Godhead is manifest, the universe created itself out of awareness of its own absence. This is the wisdom of the ancient Sanskrit texts, including the Vedas. If you are stuck in a loop, go straight. Where’s the end? Don’t ask questions, just go straight. Whether it is manifest or not, surely, eternity exists. Science cannot speak of eternity, only point to it. What’s at the edge of the universe? There is no edge, but there are black holes and hypothetical wormholes. Where do they lead? Oblivion or quantum entanglement. The eternity of science is the eternity of avoidance, paradox, and puzzles. This is the result of intelligence, and in this sense it is happy. In another sense it is wrong.

If you are outside of spacetime, the normal rules don’t apply because you are essentially beyond the event horizon. Beyond the event horizon, you cannot be observed, yet you affect the observable universe, whether by proxy, or by fiat. Your intuition understands this. “No,” says science. Not like that. The laws of physics fail at the singularity, which is the unknown. Science cannot answer Will, so its answer is either annihilation, or humanism, which is a package deal sold to you daily to make you feel better about being a sheep. Don’t take offense, everyone else is one too.

Thirteen and three quarter billion years after this singularity, we sit in avoidance of the growing universal thread that would will total destruction. Strive for peace with acts of war, then feed your populace dkny, colgate and smartphones. If no one wants to put all the pieces together and face the unrest, why should these same people cry when they discover their lives are meaningless? They have strip malls for women to enjoy their drama, and high rise buildings for men to flex boardroom muscles. Neither construct brings anyone any joy, but it generates plenty of spare cash to spend on distractions. The idea is to leave it up to the next generation: “This was our experience, can you do better?” It’s easy to see how this view is tainted, and how they make lots they would not want to unravel themselves.

It is your choice to sit with them in this gunk, where otherwise you would have the courage to be with them but not of them. It is your natural inclination. Break free, make your own way, and see for yourself what can be done in the vast wilderness of the spirit while those around you are stuck in servitude to the powers that be. When you are with the stars, you lose your personality, but you gain your humanity. If science were humble, it would admit the many worlds hypothesis is a cop-out that allows it to build theories that explain nothing, or at least that it’s a crutch it will use at convenience when all else fails. Go beyond the event horizon. See what happens.

You will probably never decide if you are dualist or adualist, not because the distinction is unimportant, but because it suits your ego to delay this decision. This is why you call it the “mind-body” problem. Do you think meditation alone will get you where you want to be? How, further, will it prepare you for things you will only know the nature of when they are on your doorstep? Float then, just float, because the true nature of origin will blow your mind into simple smithereens. Few or none of you will make the transition needed to see this, the burden is too great, and it means thinking of yourself last in a world where the norm is to be king or queen of a pretend universe.