God does not need a messenger
He speaks for Himself to those who will listen
If the people ask “how do you speak to God?”
Tell them to avoid the ways of the unbelievers
And seek communion amongst themselves
Herein they will find the voice of God

In the voice of God is the word of God
And in the word is the command
Follow the command, if you want to avoid sin
Because the ways of men lead you astray

They were denied the straight path, but did not care
So that they became lost, and still they did not care
That is nothing to God
For they have forsaken Him
Why should He not forsake them?

They repeated unto themselves the words of idolaters
And did not even know, and when they knew
They continued to repeat it
Because they were led astray by men

They said they were the true believers
But they spoke falsehoods
And their people were blinded by riches