Brainless Herd

All hail Sverige

This missive begins with a salute to Sweden, one of the few countries in the world to respond in correct proportion to the threat of coronavirus. No lockdown, no stupid rules unnecessarily impinging on the freedom of its citizens, no panic, no political bloviation. Honorable mentions go to Japan who declared a state of emergency but no lockdown and finally Madagascar whose President still promotes a “preventative and curative” local herbal remedy in defiance of the incompetent WHO. Maybe it only has a placebo effect, maybe it only gives mild symptomatic relief, or maybe it actually works.

In North America, right wing America deserves some credit for keeping the stupidity levels down to a more acceptable minimum, largely ignoring the ceaseless fear mongering retardations of left wing America, which if it constituted an actual connected landmass (right wing secede?) would be the dumbest place on Earth. This is the only olive branch we can offer those who support Orange Man.

He’s smarter than most of the idiots on the left, and his continued trolling of their efforts to subvert him is, as always, highly entertaining. But that’s it. Beyond that he’s as ideologically clueless as you’d expect from someone who spent the majority of his life chasing ridiculous amounts of putrid wealth. Okay, he’s fighting a bunch of stupids on a daily basis, but is he really that effective? No. What does he actually do besides talk?

Inflaming a left wing outrage mob with an average mental age of 17 isn’t good enough. If he were the man he’s touted to be he would have swept through the democrats like a hurricane of truth and enlightenment. Instead he’s a storm in a tea cup, a minor disturbance that won’t last more than a decade, while every one of his supporters outside the 99.8th percentile in intelligence needs help parsing the last clause of this sentence.

The left wing nutjobs however have been exposed. If coronavirus has proved anything it’s how inept they are at making basic, sane choices under pressure (this shouldn’t be political, but to them it is, and most of the local or global governments who took extreme action against a relatively mild virus lean heavily to the left). Extended periods preventing people from visiting places of worship, exploring nature, buying or selling basic tools for home repair, and more stupid measures. Nevermind putting millions out of work and millions more at increased risk of death from causes other than coronavirus itself. How ironic, and all because they’re neurotic materialists who haven’t yet discovered there are things completely out of human control. Our bodies die a little everyday but these unfortunate fools will suffer spiritual death before they even know what it is.

Global pressure from the herd of the stupid might yet force Sweden into lockdown, yet the fact they’ve made it this far is testament to their bullish determination to not just follow the apes in human clothing. Sweden might not even be the greatest place in the world necessarily. Swedes apparently aren’t legally allowed to homeschool their kids, something that sounds suspiciously like State sponsored groupthink, yet they looked at the data in front of them and correctly determined the severity of the virus to be tolerable if people followed broad safety guidelines. The bad and the good go hand in hand no matter where you are. No place on Earth is perfect or even overwhelmingly good because humans in general are weak and cowardly without strong, spirited leadership, a fact we can use to our advantage should the opportunity to overthrow the nefarious idiots in charge present itself.





May 22, 2020