Children of Summer

Is it really worth being religious about the covid vaccine? After all, it’s just a little jab. It’s just a little foreign messenger RNA. It’s just a small risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clots. It’s just a second jab. It’s just a mandate to ramp up the numbers so we can end the pandemic. It’s just a booster shot. It’s just contact tracing. It’s just another booster shot. It’s just a digital passport so we can control your movement. It’s just a social credit score. It’s just another pandemic. It’s just another lockdown. It’s just for your own good. It’s just another government directive. It’s just your full obedience we want. It’s just a re-education camp. It’s just a beating to improve morale. It’s just a labor camp. It’s just a genocide.

If you think some of these scenarios are fiction you haven’t been paying attention the last two years. In Australia, Melbourne was in lockdown for 262 days. People were beaten and arrested for protesting, nay, so much as sneezing in public without wearing a slave mask. In China people are being forcibly vaccinated if they refuse to comply. As in physically restrained and shot with toxic garbage. Even if vaccines were safe (they’re not, and at the very least they’re unnecessary), they wouldn’t need to threaten people to take them if a series of alternate agendas weren’t at play. Also in China, a mandate for vaccinating children as young as three was put into effect. Children as young as three. These are not the actions of people who care about your Grandma. When our elders get sick, we take care of them. These are the actions of brutal, nihilistic State Communist purveyors of evil.

The goofy half of America will follow suit and implement whatever it can get away with while the other half does its best to resist, only to delay the inevitable. And soon enough these halves will become a whole if the potentially real resistance doesn’t wake up and do something more than just say: “No we’re still free and we’ve got Gee yoU eNS.” Simply saying you’re free doesn’t make it so. Failing swift and decisive action, the nationalism some of them believe in can and will be used against them the same way the peoples of China and North Korea have strong national pride despite being ruled by communist dogs (i.e. this what you get for believing in a Nation State instead of a nation of people). The founding fathers are turning in their graves. There are small rays of light and hope in local politics but saving a few dumb jobs is a pyrrhic victory at this point. Maybe secession, war or both are better options but these aren’t very popular ideas with people coddled by a comfortable lifestyle, even amidst the biggest economic disaster in over a decade.

The children of summer are too young at heart or too coddled to fully realize what they’re up against. This breeds both misplaced confidence and naivety among those who still don’t know their “conservative” heroes and commentators on TV and big tech “social” media are almost all vaccinated despite pushing anti-vax narratives. After all this time, after everything that’s happened, they still think voting red or blue will save them. “This isn’t like 1776,” they cry. Aye, it’s much worse. You’re not prepared for the cold, dark winds of winter, sweet children of summer, sweet idiots.