How to troll libtards and make them resign

Tell them:

  1. Women are the weaker sex, though good women deserve our love and protection.
  2. Homosexuality is immoral and transgenders are confused retards.
  3. Illegal immigrants are essentially the same as trespassers on private property.
  4. Abortion is murder in most cases. Even a child of rape has no blame in the manner of its conception.
  5. The democracy they believe in (which barely exists) elected one of the dumbest people ever born as the leader of the self-proclaimed free world.
  6. Their fake opposition to right-wingtards is a marriage made in hell where both sides need each other to vent a shared outrage preconstructed by government and the media.

Demand that they stop their stupidity or else kill themselves in the process, and maybe they should literally suicide as recompense for forcing intelligent kids to grow up in their moronic world.

Throw them off a cliff (optional).




November 14, 2018