Fruits of Lazy Peace

The world is in turmoil, a turmoil hidden beneath mindless slave slogans like “new normal” and the usual veneer of a call to democracy, the very thing responsible for our current dilemma. If you’ve been calling for a return to democracy or screaming that lockdowns aren’t democratic, you may not have realized that this is in fact their version of it. Mass obedience and uniformity of thought.

“Real” democracy is actually mob rule, and they know this therefore they push the authoritarian version. “Real” socialism is also mob rule: socialist democracy. That’s what your textbook will call it but it’s almost redundant because socialism and democracy are a perfect fit. Socialism is supposedly the modern response to what the Greeks saw over 2000 years ago. Nay, only Socrates and Plato really saw what these idiots are still trying to figure out now. Socialism is what democracy has become. Democracy is just a word.

The academic details are smoke and mirrors for absolute and utter failure: democracy, socialism, capitalism, communism. It makes no difference, it’s all rot and it’s all coming to a head. Maybe as Romanticists the best we can hope for is an all out orgy of war the likes of which the world has never seen before. And when we calm down and realize war is hell and should only be a last resort we also remember we’re surrounded by cowards who will settle for variants of a vapid quasi-socialist, quasi-capitalist compromise.

This is the age of dehumanization: what was once perhaps a cheesy line by a silly Death Metal band is now palpable reality. In an era of fractured socialization where people with no confidence already socialized online and which raised gen-y and z to do the same, the shift to “social distancing” was seamless. Maybe where you live it’s not that bad right now but it’s certainly still a place where the herd follows orders like mindless automatons and recoils from even the mildest forms of civil disobedience regardless of how bad the “new normal” is. Your “freedom” is subject to their laws, as it always has been, but you only realize now how insane those laws can become. There, there, it’s easier to join the herd like a good boy than rise up against oppressors.

At this point most turn to politics without realizing politics is a machine that only serves itself and the likeliest outcome is that virtue seekers will become what they previously despised. We are the righteous, we must fight evil till our last breath, whatever form it takes. Death by combat for righteous cause is sweet release compared to the misery of dumb jobs, voting in meaningless elections, and obedience to dumb laws that protect no one except the people who made them. Fighting for the side of righteousness is already victory in itself, and if we gain earthly victories, all the more to our bounty.


01/14/21 CE