Race of the Spirit

The racists must yet pass through us. These are the wars they were promised in antiquity. Races of men displaced from their homelands come to swoop down upon them a great vengeance, and even then they would see who the true barbarians are. They made deals with devils, and worship of stark biology was their reward. Now if they wish to enter they must recant and ask with kindness and humility.

We would pardon them, but they want to step forward in supremacy, and in so doing declare themselves animals fixated on appearances. Hence it is only right to send them to heaven so they may reclaim their souls, and then they must hope it is heaven to which they go.

The gallop of our horses is a nightmare to them. Orient or Occident. African or European. Semitic or Asiatic. They must meet the might of design that obliterates matter yet invigorates the soul. Their victims are our lambs, and they have made themselves victims of their own grievous error.

Those who say “race does not exist” will have their mouths sewn shut. They must work in the fields, or in kitchens, or in stables. The race aware are heroes of linear detail, giving us rich approximations that illustrate our relations, but there they must stop.

Those who continue do not even fight the right wars, so no one can feel sorry for them. We gave Byzantine to one of their ilk, because he purified his heart, and he took it to a great height. If they were there when Byzantine destroyed itself, they would not even have been able to take advantage, hence favor fell to our brethren, of whom they readily slayed before learning of our works.

Their time is over, and new beasts will rise in the coming decades if not sooner. Already they show their teeth, and the apathetic will be taken by surprise because they were unprepared. Year after year they ignored the warnings, which were derived from the mystical, but are now thoroughly manifest in public awareness as a simple symbolism. A symbolism taking them back to a time when life was lived on a knife-edge, a time still known to the victims of circumstance. Now they can only blame themselves.

The final contradiction of racism is the denial of biological descent, and in that navel lies their death knell. Their time is over, but still they will attempt to rise because the search for unity in identity is continual. The ones aware of the finer details must learn the proper place of race, and this will be demonstrated to them if it kills them. And verily you will be punished for wishing the destruction of the races, for every people needs a homeland.