Meat Market

“The world is dying.” This is like saying life is dying, because puny mortals trapped in biology have no effect on anything except themselves and other people, while the source of life and the laws of physics are constant, consistent, and moving toward a definite end these mortals cannot control. In order to make concrete what they can control, they must look within: if the inner being lives on, the mortal coil can go die a thousand deaths. So if the world is defined in this way, it lives or dies with the mortals that inhabit it.

Much of this inner death is due to the loss of masculine drive to explore and conquer, so it feminizes itself for neurotic comfort, because no one feels like there is anything to conquer. The men in power are not truly men, not the best men, and sometimes women, causing an instability that must eventually end in warfare. In the battle of the sexes, this manifests itself as the “dating market,” where instead of preparation for a sacred union that creates more than itself we get individuals neurotically maximizing personal gain: men expending excess energy on outrageous gestures or greeting card romance, while women tease for the same to find a boy they can manipulate.

In some distant former time when society was at its peak (an ominous place to look, but we can learn from it all the same) the best men could follow their instincts without second thought of morons: spiritual morons that would destroy the world for their selfish desires because they don’t have the foresight to see beyond them. They’re not even obviously malicious, because they don’t look inside for a reason to do things. They just respond and react to the world and to stimuli. “Beastly” men, but it’s all pomp, and inside they are hollow. Suits and ties with big smiles, puppets at the beck and call of the circles and networks who gave them their place. These are the men women are faced with, hence feminism in its own bestial glory.

Then instead of setting real goals that would achieve a society that includes both sexes in their natural roles, men assume victimhood at the hands of feminism, becoming boys who put sex and dominion over a woman as the highest goals. The men with “game” but little else have the ability to dominate a weak woman, but what idiocy is that? This is why pick up artists become pornographers or worse: the goal is power for its own sake, not power to help lay the foundation for a functional society, namely, healthy, intelligent kids with a growing sense for moral courage.

As a man in this meat market, the temptation is to make sex with women easy, whence, supposedly, that special woman who values herself and is chaste to your taste will present herself as the challenge you’ve prepared for. The unspoken truth is that the stream of chicks who put out were of a certain spiritual quality (low), and far from being stepping stones to greater things, they’re the swamp that keeps you stuck in the game, wasting time before you realize you need to get out – if you could only the see the forest for the trees. Instead, a chaste girl or woman is merely another mark for sexual conquest, but in the same breath is out of reach for the Casanova who cannot look past his own ego. Shame then, that he must settle for borderline sluts and whores.

This is the world that scoffs at chivalry and chastity because the highest goal is the individual, but the same world that needs people of better moral character to stand up and claim their right instead of becoming ineffectual also-rans who sit by and let the world drift. Of which breed are you?



March 27, 2015