Out of absence came the impossible
And so it was, let there be, and a bang?
Simplified terms are the scientific, non credo
Knowledge ends at the start of the infinite

Perfection is all things absolutely at once
Limited imaginations conclude contradiction
Sober heads on known tracks to given graves
Dreamers see structure of creation divine

Myriad minds drifting in space as one
Branching metaphysical axes of connection
to the eternal One beyond becoming and being
Neither of these, either. Both of these, also.

Celestial binary motion amidst dense dark matter
Impenetrable black to the clouded eye
But We move to the will of the inherent
The stars here are guideposts to destinies

Light years to travel on the path to immortality
Why remain here in perpetual sameness?
Light, Here, within grasp if you detach
The explorer surveys the stars

Man of reason is a despair if absolute
Best forget your big whimpers, karmic recycles
Infinite space is the line to the deity impersonal
Munificent possibility calling from beyond