Deep Ecology

Like most things mainstream, the climate change “debate” is a dramatized oversimplification of a complex set of problems that could be solved or at least mitigated if humans were less self-absorbed, careless and greedy. That simple message is lost in the outrageously stupid fervour of a shitstorm that is modern politics. Instead it’s “us against them” and “left vs right” so potential solutions are eschewed because neither side wants to give ground on any issue even if it might be to everyone’s benefit. On top of this, climate change is a smokescreen for the largest issue of all: overpopulation.

No one wants to talk about overpopulation because potential solutions to this little dilemma might be considered beyond the pale and conjures up images of monstrous attempts from the past: eugenics, forced/secret sterilization, and genocide. The irony of course being if people keep ignoring it, these monsters are exactly what they’ll get. Stalin and Hitler didn’t magically appear out of thin air. They were bred by the conditions of their time, and the current time is absolutely ripe for the type of monsters more readily found in legend, myth, film and literature. Monsters who could satisfy the wet nightmares of conspiracy theorists everywhere (Orwell’s Big Brother says “Hai”). Only obtuse blockheads would deny the dystopian nature of the covid response. If this goofy virus was actually dangerous to the population at large they would have let it loose (while hiding in their bunkers) because a smaller population is easier to control. Idiots still consumed by government fear propaganda will scoff at this suggestion because they’re idiots who can’t grasp basic mathematics and who’ve forgotten they have immune systems (or maybe they’ve all got AIDS).

To put it more plainly: if people keep breeding like rabbits, they will be treated as such. God told the chosen ones to be fruitful and multiply, but maybe, just maybe, if you’re a thoughtless wreck who makes babies you can’t take care of, then that lovely command doesn’t apply to you (nevermind completely misinterpreting that verse out of context). Of course the problem is much deeper than that. The people who thought maximizing life expectancy at all costs was the greatest idea ever are the same people who are now in a great panic to slow exponential global population growth which has no end in sight. It doesn’t take rocket science from here to figure out that you’re living in a time when there’s increasingly less space and resources for those new mouths to feed. The solution is that there is none. Material problems ultimately have no solutions (no final solutions *drumroll*). Materialist existence always leads to decay, entropy and death. Eternal life is a state of mind, soul and being. Karma however is a fickle bitch. Living a selfish life of comfortable excess will come back to haunt you in some way, shape or form no matter who you are, but a soul filled with light will take care of the earth and its natural beauty as an extension of the concept of beauty itself.