Late Bloomers

The world is apparently waking up to the “truth.” The exact description of this truth is not agreed upon, but the general picture paints grim. The pandemic response was overblown from the start. Check. World leaders have systematically aggrandized themselves by politicizing this response and controlling people’s free movement. Check. Now they want to prick you with something that could be harmful, with little or no regard for your personal or religious beliefs on the matter. Check. Next they’re coming for your paychecks, your property and possibly your sanity. Check, check, check? “Hmmm. You sure you ain’t trippin’ nigga?” No I is not.

When detailing the reality of the situation in front of us to normals and amateurs who find themselves fighting oppression for the first time in their lives, they may get defensive. They might, laughably, tell you not to give up hope.

As if hope alone will achieve anything. There is always hope, friends, but best not put your hope in the very people who’ve created this colossal mess. The very people who continue to gain more power every day normals bury their heads in the sand and cross fingers for things to “go back to normal,” whatever that means now. Normal doesn’t exist. That ship has sailed, at least for those who aren’t ready for a fight.

Maybe let’s not be so harsh. At least they see the problem, right? To put it in words they might better understand, this is a unique opportunity for them. A chance to risk their cushy jobs and finally chase something meaningful. “Dreams” are still important but now low on the priority list. Our beliefs, freedoms and livelihoods are on the line. And yet we know most will fall in line and comply. To work on the fringes of a corrupt system and still make an honest living was hard enough before all this insanity, now it may seem near impossible. Welcome to the real world. Freedom is risk.