Dramatic outcomes

Your president is a moron and you can’t do anything about it because you’re lazy and complacent. You said: “please not a woman,” and instead you chose a turd. His promises are delirious but not all of them, if you can step back and ignore your selfish desires and be objective, but he doesn’t have the gravitas to fulfill them with the necessary grace (and in any case, the president of a democratic state is two orders of magnitude less powerful than he appears).

Liberals talk about “surviving” or suffering through his term. Conservatives are mostly quiet, because they saw it all coming, or so they will say. Both sides can’t take the extra step needed to see beyond not only him (as if he were important), but beyond everyone. Even a stupid nihilist can do this.

You don’t really care. If you did you wouldn’t have time to vote in some dumb election, the outcome of which changes nothing except restricting (barely) the freedoms of a small minority of unfortunates and political delinquents. No one has the “right” to live anywhere. The owner of a house has the right to decide who comes, goes and stays, otherwise he’s  just a tool to his guests and tenants. A nation state is in essence no different, only bigger and decentralized in ownership. Which is not to say your moron president has the capacity to run the place in this traditional sense — if he had to cross an ideological bridge made up of traditional values to get to the other side of reason where right action resides, he’d fall into the pit of lies, deceit and utter banality boiling at the bowels of his so called spirit.

Women’s rights and “pro-choice” activists are on a superior level of stupidity. It’s your body, therefore you should have enough sense to not let a loser’s sperm make its way up your canal. You should  have made better choices before you got knocked up, so if now you have regrets, why don’t you kill it yourself if you’re so “independent” and “smart.” Or keep taking your contraceptives to lower your chances when you really need them. LOL at your fake distress. Trump is a soulmoron yet your protests, local or global, give his actions meaning and make him more powerful than he really is.

If you really did care, you’d change your life to make sure you spent every moment possible in appreciation of its awe. That is, the awe of life itself in abstract and as ideal. But no, you’re gonna (yes, gonna) drink from the chalice of delusion that wishes for easy freedoms (liberals) and lazy peace (conservatives). To transcend these types you must transcend yourself, because they won’t challenge you in this way. They need you to fall in line with the rest of the herd. Don’t be a tool. Don’t waste your time with mindless entertainment, and that is all mainstream “politics” has become.

You want to be relevant. Being liberal or conservative gives you a neat label with an associated checklist of so-called values, and a ready-made opposing side so you can have a dialogue, and in this case “dialogue” means those moronic platforms everyone’s on because that’s just the way it is. Please go to the forest where it’s quiet and listen to your soul if you think you have one. If still you can’t hear it, maybe you’re a natural Buddhist, and can fill it with aforementioned awe.

Religion isn’t even the issue. Not in its normal format. Not the way they practice it. If you’ve never faced utter alonehood, you can never call yourself master of anything. Masters of the esoteric sit away from everyone else. Comfortably. They return to civilization, perhaps by chance, in the middle of a herd of stupids, and are again by themselves. Comfortably. Then they lead. Comfortably. Which is not to say they don’t face opposition. And anger, and hatred, or even death threats. Nor that it requires work, and diligence, and passion, and desire.

The mainstream, by definition, cannot handle the esoteric. The mainstream must push the esoteric to one side and offer lone wolves the chance to dissect it, if they were brave, because for everyone else “esoteric” is just a section in the bookstore — a section no different from the rest, filled with page upon page of easy answers, because the difficult doesn’t answer to a profit margin. But then what’s the bottom line? Don’t let them fool you into thinking that’s what matters, just because a showman stole an election by seducing a group of idiots still trying to figure out what really happened, and what evils lay at the heart of power.