They were misguided
And spoke falsehoods
They changed the Word of God
To suit their own ends
Because they feared the judgement of man
More than the judgement of God

Now their people do the same
And follow the laws of man
Instead of the laws of God
Lord of Eternity
Cherisher of the Worlds

Even though some of them claim to be believers
They do not have the strength
Because they are misguided by the ways of men
Their hearts are impure
Stained by idolatry and the judgement of their peers
Who follow the ways of men

They will not taste of the bounty
Let alone enter heaven
Unless they turn their hearts to God
And His True Word
For God still loves them
And more than those who do not seek God at all
And whose hearts are hardened by disbelief
And who are destined for damnation