We live in an age of false victimhood and utter stupidity. “Moron” and “retard” are now considered profanity by “polite” society because “polite” society (PS) has to be PC (politically correct) so as to pander to the mass majority of blockheads who fear anything mildly offensive. This also feeds the machine of identity politics and fake victims who’ve discovered they can get assistance from morons and retards if they just pretend society has put them at a special disadvantage because of their race, gender or sexual orientation. The true victims of injustice however have always been and always will be the righteous, which is a known fact among those who have chosen what is right instead of what is popular.



Feminist: Women are oppressed.

Plato: How so?

Feminist: We aren’t treated the same as men.

Plato: You’re not the same as men.

Feminist: We deserve equal rights.

Plato: But we’re not equal.

Feminist: That’s chauvinist.

Plato: If you want to be our equals you should compete with us, as equals.

Feminist: Exactly! No wait…

Plato: No?

Feminist: Err.. I’m not sure what you’re saying.

Plato: Ok, slower this time: equality is earned, not handed out.

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Feminist: Let me start again. Women have been oppressed throughout history.

Plato: Not really. The best civilizations have always treated women fairly, and it’s fairness you actually want, not this watered down equality nonsense.

Feminist: Be that as it may, we were only given the right to vote 100 years ago.

Plato: So an entire century of what you consider freedom and you’re still oppressed?

Feminist: The patriarchy still rules. We need to destroy it so women are free of their slavery.

Plato: Sounds real bad.

Feminist: It is.

Plato: Good luck with that. In the meantime, men who also play victim like you feel like women are not only free of oppression, but actually privileged.

Feminist: That’s stupid, how are we privileged?

Plato: Divorce courts favor you, society gives you special praise for raising children that, apparently, some men feel they don’t get, and so on. Basically society at large spins the narrative you’re regurgitating here.

Feminist: I’m not regurg– And those men, they’re just playing victim – oh. No, I’m not playing victim, I am a victim. I AM OPPRESSED!

Plato: That’s what he said.

Male Feminist: You’re just an incel Mr. Plato guy. Women don’t like hearing your chauvinist rubbish. They’re not attracted to it. I agree with women!

Plato: Yeah we know, you can’t get any female attention otherwise. We weren’t even talking about anything remotely related to sex, celibacy is completely irrelevant, dickless faggot. Go delete yourself.

Male Feminist: I’m reporting you to the hate speech police!

Plato: Ok soyboy.


Feminist: You are so hateful. Just being a woman is a death sentence in this society.

Plato: What now?

Feminist: Women are raped and murdered and sexually assaulted constantly. You can’t walk down the street without being cat called these days.

Plato: Slow down, those are four different issues.

Feminist: Women are treated like sexual objects. Cat called, objectified, demeaned.

Plato: That’s the free secular world they chose to be a part of.

Feminist: That doesn’t give men the right to objectify them.

Plato: They objectify themselves. Butch lesbians objectify more feminine girls as well.

Feminist: Well that’s different.

Plato: *grumbles disapprovingly*

Feminist: I just want to walk down the street and not be treated like some brainless play toy.

Plato: Maybe stop dressing like a whore then.

Feminist: Respect women!

Plato: You’re completely brainless if you think every woman is worthy of the same level of respect.

Feminist: Misogynist!

Plato: Lulz.


Feminist: Women are murdered more often than men.

Plato: It’s actually the other way round. Most victims of murder are male.

Feminist: You’re a liar! And most murderers are men though.

Plato: Check the stats snowflake. And yes, men are more physically aggressive. That’s just a fact of biology.

Feminist: Women are raped more often.

Plato: If you include the prison population, no.

Feminist: Well that could be part of their punishment.

Plato: And female prisoners?


Plato: That’s what I thought. And since you think some men deserve to be raped you must be a real hardcore moral esotericist, hardcore enough to accept that women who are morally evil surely deserve to be raped.

Feminist: YOU HATE WOMEN!!!!! RAPISST!!!!@@@E@#@@@@@@!!!!

Plat: That’s your knee-jerk reaction because you’re the one filled with hate, blaming all your problems on the opposite sex.



Euclid: Dude you ok? What the fuck was that?

Plato: Just some insane person from the future who thought she was smart because she belonged to a movement that justified her failures and told her she could get ahead in society if she played victim.

Euclid: Far out. So master Socrates was right then. The degeneracy of the plebs just gets worse and worse with future generations. What a hell it must be to live in those times.

Plato: It’s not just the plebs, as we’ll discover with master Socrates’ trial. Fairness only comes from knowledge of the Absolute. In reality equality doesn’t exist, but if we superficially create it for the sake of peace, we can only give it to people who deserve it, or in other words earn it.






FEBRUARY 20, 2020