“Dark” dimensions: f$$k the vote, read a book instead

As bravura prologue, you have to give him this at least: every generation needs its own rendition of “we the people.” Mother Bless.

If he really does win it all (“polls” still can’t agree, because next week is another week, oh grieve me), will it be the end of the world, or a culmination of events leading back to say, Reagan, Nixon, and perhaps Roosevelt, assuming it interests you to study in-depth the history of these puppets, some of whom aren’t even good at public speaking (85% of their job).

DJ T, the big dog, the imperial (but not imperialist) hound at the head of your food chain, is probably the most outspoken moron on the planet, but the people most angered by him are those unable or not used to tuning out the drama that drives a modern election, viz. popular news media. These are the same idiots whose only form of exercise is flipping through a hundred channels a day as distraction from their otherwise uneventful, empty or even miserable lives.

If you’re PC remember you can’t even suggest that their exists people who, rich or poor, are in self-created misery, because that would risk “reputation” and invite “sombre” types who are at home with “melancholy.” They (the PC shitheads) are the voting public, and they think they’re making decisions on your behalf, but they’re just pawns who couldn’t tell left from right — in politics and in life — if you gave them a four section fold-out manual with big, mega, illustrations (be sure to add nak8d girls for big ego right wing small dick interest).

Do yourself a favor. Re-read Orwell’s 1984 if you haven’t already, then if you’re up to it, take a peak at Huxley’s Brave New World. You might find yourself engrossed in a world that, albeit fiction, is based on a vision of reality that is clear, simple, and starkly prescient, describing the themes of this joke of an election as if it has played itself out in the past, over and over and over again. That’s because it has. That’s because on the scale of millennia, it’s not news. It’s a minuscule echo of retarded horseshit.

-Sincerely Michael Arlington, Deplorable Shithead