The Law Beyond

Democracy pretends the many are capable of deciding what is best for all. That with enough education, they will together make a rational decision, when instead they will take complex problems and reduce them to binary stupidities. There does not exist a world in which a throng of average intelligence people unable to discipline themselves will come up with better answers than a higher intelligent few.

The many are there to be lead because quite simply, they don’t know how. They lack the experience, the judgement, and probably the courage. They need someone to show the way first because they cannot do it on their own. Some of them are leaders, most of them are not. That is how it works, because if the many pretend to lead, they walk together into delusion without knowing it, then cry when it hurts because there is no one to blame but themselves.

If there is someone to blame, they will again cry to themselves and among themselves because conflict is to be avoided at all cost. In conflict, delusion is brought to light, and a group will never admit to delusion unless it is safe to do so. Further, if it is instilled with democratic ideals, the individuals of the group think of themselves as angels. An angel is incapable of wrong, and pretenders who are rightly accused can only run away in embarrassed indignation.

From here, it’s obvious this group cannot step into the beyond. The beyond is where law is created, from intelligence, will and desire. This spells danger, because it means looking within, and the individuals of a herd cannot afford to look within. They fear they will be unable to deal with what they find, and what it would take to break from the herd. It is far easier to accept mediocrity than try to reach for greatness, but then they walk into dissatisfaction and depression when they realize they could have created something greater than the sum of its parts.

Instead, the delusion must be maintained. Wealth will solve everything, if only they could ignore the clamor and desperation for long enough to know if they will find meaning along the way.

The race never ends, so where is the time for this meaning? Likely there is none, so leisure time is spent on distractions and luxury. The average person on the path to wealth lives better than a medieval king, and dies in a big empty room with a list of regrets running longer than their entrails. They are ostriches with their heads in the sand, but only if it leads into a trench housing a TV, soft-drinks and a smartphone.

These must not step into the beyond, where freedom leads the way to that which will replace the permanence of death. They must settle for easy answers, cheap freedoms, and small, meaningless rewards they give themselves in place of earned metaphysical worth. In the beyond, reality rules, and lawlessness threatens from every corner. We take the lawless and make law from it. With our hearts we embalm it, with our spirit we engrave it. Their greed is turned on themselves, and their envy is fuel for circles of rancor.