Antichrist (2009)


Hai Satan, it’s me, Lars. I got some issues with heartbrake and depression, can you fix me up some Jungian/Neitzschean remedies pls? Gonna do a quick mashup for the cinema/video people. K, bye.

The attempt is good enough, and it’s a wild trip into the recesses of cult psychology, with poor old Freud trying to reason with it like an old lady pleading with her gremlin granddaughter to get off her Smartphone. After the exploitation reaches its highpoints and we recover, we get a latent epiphany of absolute madness. The scenes in Eden before the “fall” of our “Eve” are quite serene and pleasing by contrast. All said, it’s the mad genius of an artist, giving us probably the hardest-to-digest horror of the past decade or so, but it’s just plain better than stuff like Saw because there’s genuine, honest, existential struggle involved in the process.


Its value for cinephiles circa 2009 was probably to act as justification for sitting there and sopping up all those disgusting (at worst) and painful (at best) emotions contained in your everyday “psychological horror.”

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