Best of South Park – 03 – Not Without My Anus

3. Not Without My Anus (Season 2, Episode 01)


Most hated them for it, and most still can’t get into this episode, but looking back it was the best prank of the past few decades of TV, perhaps ever. It’s satire at its highest level, where the absurdity of society’s expectations are subverted and re-imaged on that selfsame society. The characters of Terrence and Philip are ingenious creations that reduce comedy to the absolute trivial, mocking the entire enterprise.

But who doesn’t love a good fart joke? Everything in context, and here, every single one is earned. The result is an episode less vulgar in its content than usual, yet out came some angry people with nothing better to do than rant aimlessly because they didn’t get to find out the paternal identity of “a little construction paper kid.”

"Is that a metaphor for some kind of sex that can't be described?" -Scott

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